A Photo a Week Challenge: Wide Angles

Wide Angle Pines

This week Nancy from nancy merrill photography has asked us for our wide angled shots.

So here  is a wide angled shot looking up through some pine trees at Pakowahi Park.  Using the wide angle makes for dramatic images.


I won’t be visiting your awesome blogs this morning.   I am holding my very first Social Snapper’s group at our Women’s Centre.  Thanks to Leanne from Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY for giving me this idea. I will try and catch up with everyone this afternoon.  I am a bit nervous so will see how it goes.  The weather isn’t too great but our first day is mainly introductions and outlining the basic composition and lighting rules.  Then then we are just taking 100 steps and taking photos.  There are a lot of great statutes around the centre – there is our main art gallery next to the centre so it should be fun.

Thanks for visiting.

Copyright Raewyn Forbes

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