A Serendipitous Story:

Autumn Poppies-231

Marilyn at SERENDIPITY has started a new challenge. One of adding some form of words to our photos:

I like telling stories linked to pictures. To help the process along, Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll publish a picture and write something about it. Some days, it may be long, others day, just a couple of sentences. You can use this picture — or one of your own — as the prompt. Link it back to this post (pingback) so other people can find it.

You will have to forgive me if I miss a day here and there, or if Thursday is comes out on Friday.

Feel free to jump in.


Story. Words. Poetry, prose, fact, or fiction. A couple of lines, a fanciful tale.

Pictures. Video if that’s your thing. Scanned pictures from your scrap-book. Weird pictures from the internet. Cartoons. Pictures of your family vacation and how the bear stole your food. Any picture you ever took and would like to talk about


Your trip to Paris. You flight from Irkutsk. You favorite dog, cat, ferret, cockatoo. The weird boyfriend you had in high school. The last book you read, the next book you plan to read, why you don’t read books (but you write them)(don’t write them)(would like to write them).

Television shows, movie stars, classic film, history, language. Fiction, non-fiction. Everything, anything as long as you include a picture and some text.

No, I didn’t write all this, I just cut and pasted it from her post explaining all this today.

When I first started this blog I found it hard to write too much.  And now, with my Monochrome of the Day I don’t add any words.  I let the images and the image title do the talking.

But I usually write about what I was thinking or doing when I take my photos.  And so it is today.

After taking my group of 3 lovely women for my Social Snappers group I headed towards Frimley Park.  The weather was weird.  Some drops of rain alternating with sunshine.  I knew that the poppies would be starting to really pop. And sure enough some were out, along with the bees.  When I see bees, I think, oh oh.  I am allergic to bees.  But thank goodness for zooms.  It means standing back in relative safety and zooming in and focusing on what I came to do.  Take photos.

Actually it is getting rather late for the year for poppies.  There were some very worn looking blooms.  They open up and die within a day or so.  Sad really.  I think that the council had wanted to have some around for ANZAC day.  But we have also had some rather cold nights last week which didn’t help.  Normally we don’t have frosts until well into May.  I think Mother Nature decided that she would prove that global warming was just a myth.

Well, Marilyn.  How is that for my first attempt?


Copyright Raewyn Forbes

P.S.  If you think that there is something odd about the exposures of my photos, please let me know.  This computer’s screen has a very poor quality resolution.  So I am not really too sure about whether something is too vibrant or not.  If you have any sort of advice, please write and tell me.  This is great as I can now use Photoshop without it crashing but then there is this downside.



13 thoughts on “A Serendipitous Story:”

  1. You have a bee and — a whatever — and they are perfect We get a lot of ants and beetles on our flowers. It’s actually difficult to get a picture without getting a bug, too. We called the place we were planning to go in May and it was SNOWING. We decided to skip it. The idea of going anyplace even colder and nastier than it is at home was too much for us. I suspect it isn’t so much global warming as global disruption of weather patterns. Warmer, yes, but colder, dryer, wetter … and just wrong!


    1. Oh dear. It is getting colder here. This morning the sun was shining through the fog. Winter is definitely coming here. But trying to force plants to grow out of season is a bit much. There was snow a couple of weeks ago in the South Island. That said when I was about 8 we went on a camping trip around the South Island to visit all my fathers many relatives. We had a great time until we got to Queenstown – google it. It was Christmas Eve and it snowed on the Remarkables – the ski fields around the lake. My father was sick, we only had summer clothes and a thin tent that was no shelter. Such fun. The next night we stayed with the relatives just to get warm. We are always going to get these curve balls thrown at us just to let us know we cannot control the weather at all.


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