Sunday Stills Challenge: From this to that: Cycle of the Oak Tree


Ed from Sunday Stills has come up with something rather different this week.  To show photos of then and now.

So here are some acorns that are starting to break open to start to germinate.

 Oak Trees-049

After a about a century you get some mature oak trees such as these trees that were planted over a century ago in Oak Avenue.

I have a dental appointment today to get a tooth implant so might not be able to do much in the way of blogging. So wish me luck.  I am rather nervous as it is not like what you see on TV.  It takes several months from beginning to end.  I have been given 3 different pain killers – ouch – that tells me this is going to be painful.


Thanks for visiting.

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Challenge: From this to that: Cycle of the Oak Tree”

    1. Thanks Irene. It wasn’t too bad. I had to have it done under a local anaesthetic as I am allergic to general anaesthetics. it is the sound affects that get to me so I had my head phones in listening to the radio. It did make the time go a bit faster. I am not too bad today at all. It is hard to drink but the pain is under control.

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  1. Acorns always remind me that, “from little things, big things grow” and you’ve placed the two together side beautifully.
    Hope the dental procedure is less traumatic than you expect and the painkillers more effective.


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