Weekly Pet Share: Naughty Socks

Naughty Socks-1893

Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.

Well, I survived my dental surgery yesterday.  The hardest part was getting the local anaesthetic and that wearing off.  I just lay there with my headphones plugged in to focus on that instead of the sound affects.  I am not too bad this morning.  As long as I take the pain relief regularly I should be okay.  Yesterday I just lived on ice cream.  I wasn’t allowed to  have anything warm or hot so I had stocked up on ice cream and yogurt the day before.  I am not really an ice cream eater.  It has to be really hot for me to eat it.  But I found a really yummy thick and creamy one – Peaches and Cream.  I could find myself eating more.  But then again I would always associate it with this surgery.  It is weird that you get hungry but you can’t eat something solid.

On Monday, our public holiday my son and I visited my parents.  This naughty cat had ripped some of their net curtains.  So I (or my son) had to take a curtain from the ranch slider and replace the torn curtain with it.  I had brought it home to shorten it and then washed it.  Even when I took the torn curtain down Socks was determined to have a last play with it.

Naughty Socks-1880

Believe me he is in there somewhere.

He is very cheeky but does entertain my mother which is really important.  My mother had tried to sew some other curtains but didn’t know what to do with the sewing machine.  Both her and Dad had tried to measure them up, which I had then sewn but they were about 2 inches too long.  So Martin and I then measured them up, after locking Socks up and I sewed them.

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