Serendipitous Photo Story: What is a doofer

What's a Doofer-1962

Marilyn from SERENDIPITY has started up a weekly challenge of writing little stories to our photos.  I am starting to write a little more for some of my posts.  And this photo just begs for a story.


plural noun: doofers
  1. an object or device of unspecified name or nature.

On Monday we had a public holiday.  So I went over to my parents place to sort out their curtains, which had been destroyed by Socks their cat.  That was explained in my post yesterday about how naughty he was.

When we go over to my parents we try not to eat there.  They have a lunch time concert when they put on a video of Andre Rieu.  I’m sorry Mum and Dad, I do like him, just not while I am eating. Also we don’t like to impose ourselves too much.

So we left Napier feeling very hungry.  My son owed me some takeaways so he decided we should eat Burgerfuel – here you can find out about the history of this New Zealand burger chain:

Anyway, to cut a long story short we went there and ordered our burgers.  I embarrassed my son terribly by getting out my camera to take photos.  They had some great stools and lighting fixtures.  What made matters worse was that he had gone to school with our server.  Oops.  We did have a discussion as to whether to eat there or to go home.  We decided to go home to eat them.  Our home is only a matter of minutes away anyway.

Just as well.  The burgers are not like the generic Burger King or MacDonalds.  They are massive.  The meat patty was huge, there was a lot of lettuce,tomatoes and beetroot.  Not to mention lashings of sauce.  Very yummy sauce I might add.  So it was very messy.  So just as well we didn’t eat at Burgerfuel.  We would have been even more embarrassed by our messy eating.

After we had finished I looked into the bag and discovered these cardboard doofers.  What are these for we asked ourselves?  I then googled doofers and found out that they are used to hold the burgers together  and keep your hands clean.

Since I didn’t take any photos due to my very slippery hands here is the explanation of what they actually do.

So the moral of this story is: Check what is in your bag before eating, you never know what you will find.

That was definitely our doh moment.


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Cee’s Fun Fotos: Car Mascots

Car Mascot-0541

My entry for this week’s challenge by Cee.

Below is a gallery of all the mascots I found at the Art Deco weekend last February.  I think it is a shame that they don’t have them anymore.

I found that the colours were too distracting so I have done them in monochrome.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cars – New, Vintage, Toys, etc.

Toy Cars

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cars Today and Yesterday


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One Word Photo Challenge: The Sun

Relective Sun-0615

Good morning from a cold, wet and miserable Hastings day.  A day to sit inside and do my photos.  I am doing well but still am not allowed to eat solid foods for a while.  So ice cream and yogurt is the order of the day for a little while longer.  It isn’t too bad, the pain relief is working – I haven’t needed the codeine that I was given – I don’t like that anyway.  Brufen is doing the trick.

 I tried to do some real painting yesterday but it seems to take forever to get to what I envision.  For those who don’t know I have joined an acrylic art class.  I loved it when I was at school so I thought it might be nice to get back to my roots.  There are a couple of things I have learnt – 1. you need some good brushes as the really cheap ones I brought starting to fall apart as soon as they touched the paint. 2. Make sure you keep your coffee well apart from the water jar – which for me was a broken cup.  3. It takes forever. 4.  Acrylic paint is forgiving – you can do a lot of painting over it.

Anyway it was soon back to my camera.  This week Jennifer at Jennifer Nichole Wells has a new series of words.  This time all weather related.  So for this week it was the sun.  I took the above photo in Napier.  I loved the way the surroundings was reflected but also the sun.

A Sunny Perspective-1632

Then I took this shot last weekend at Cornwall Park and discovered this UFO in the foreground of this image.


One Word Photo Challenge: Sun

One Word Photo Challenge: Sun

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