One Word Photo Challenge: The Sun

Relective Sun-0615

Good morning from a cold, wet and miserable Hastings day.  A day to sit inside and do my photos.  I am doing well but still am not allowed to eat solid foods for a while.  So ice cream and yogurt is the order of the day for a little while longer.  It isn’t too bad, the pain relief is working – I haven’t needed the codeine that I was given – I don’t like that anyway.  Brufen is doing the trick.

 I tried to do some real painting yesterday but it seems to take forever to get to what I envision.  For those who don’t know I have joined an acrylic art class.  I loved it when I was at school so I thought it might be nice to get back to my roots.  There are a couple of things I have learnt – 1. you need some good brushes as the really cheap ones I brought starting to fall apart as soon as they touched the paint. 2. Make sure you keep your coffee well apart from the water jar – which for me was a broken cup.  3. It takes forever. 4.  Acrylic paint is forgiving – you can do a lot of painting over it.

Anyway it was soon back to my camera.  This week Jennifer at Jennifer Nichole Wells has a new series of words.  This time all weather related.  So for this week it was the sun.  I took the above photo in Napier.  I loved the way the surroundings was reflected but also the sun.

A Sunny Perspective-1632

Then I took this shot last weekend at Cornwall Park and discovered this UFO in the foreground of this image.


One Word Photo Challenge: Sun

One Word Photo Challenge: Sun

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26 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: The Sun”

    1. Thanks Sue. So far it hasn’t been as bad as I expected. ACC is picking up the tab. I still have to find $800 so am trying to sell my engagement and wedding ring on TradeMe. Have some months leeway. My tooth is more important than my rings


      1. What did you have done? I had a wisdom tooth removed a while ago and it was horrendously expensive. Luckily we have medical insurance and I finally got something back for all the money we’ve paid.


      2. I cracked a tooth while cleaning out our dirty, dusty garage. Like you see in the movies, I stood on the broom and it flew up and hit me straight on the tooth. It cracked and I had a massive abscess and it had to be removed. At the same time I was fighting ACC on another issue and was making a huge fuss. So I think I got accepted for this just to keep me quiet. Normally they don’t accept these sort of cases, especially with infections. When the dentist applied this year for the implant they rung me up within 2 days to check out my address. So I figure it has been red flagged to accept anything no matter what. Just as well.


      3. Ouch; that sounds really horrible. Glad ACC came though. You hear some terrible stories about them. Hope you’re feeling better and can enjoy some “real” food soon.


  1. I believe I became a photographer because I didn’t have the time, focus, or physical space to paint. To paint, you need to set up an easel and leave it until the painting is done. I loved painting, but without a room, it was hopeless. But then — photography! A miracle! Been photographing ever since 🙂 Love your alien space ship. Send it my way.


  2. Clever take on the theme 😃
    Wishing you a full recovery and ouch to how you did this.
    Painting – A wonderful pastime – hope youre enjoying it. Its a good way to get lost. Have fun.


  3. These are beautiful! I love the reflection in the 1st and the lens flare in the 2nd – as you said, a little UFO 🙂 I’m glad you’re doing okay. I don’t particularly like codein either, doesn’t do much and makes me feel awful. Keep getting better! And now I’m just picturing what acrylic paint filled coffee would taste like 😛

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