A Photo a Week: The week that was

Ice Cream-788

Nancy from nancy merrill photography has asked us how our week has been in photos.

Well my week has been up and down this week. On Tuesday I had a tooth implant put in.  Actually that went better than I expected.  I had it done under local anaesthetic which was the worse part – I hate injections, a general anaesthetic was not an option as I am allergic to some of the drugs. So it was a diet of ice cream for a while, along with soups and yogurt with the odd omelette thrown in.  The ice cream was rather soothing – but it has outstayed it’s welcome.  I am not a fan of it to start with and now am heartily sick of it.  I can start to eat a bit more today.

Acrylic Attempts-002

So to take my mind of things I did some more painting with acrylics.  This is my first attempt since I was at school.  I am so out of practice.  But it is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in the sun.


Then Thursday night I discovered that our garden shed had been broken into and our lawn mower stolen.  Silly thing is, my son’s bike, which is more expensive, was not touched.  Weird.  Really annoyed about this as I don’t want to use the insurance to replace it.  So my landlord has added more locks on the door.  The police with their forensic van came around within 5 minutes of calling them on the hot line but couldn’t pick up any finger prints.  The padlock was also stolen – probably that was the clue with the finger prints.  I’m now having to pay someone to mow the lawns.  Which is worse -insurance or paying someone?  Am still thinking this one over.

Social Snappers-2257

So to end the week on a better note I had my second session of Social Snappers.  I have three ladies and they are so lovely.  We went through uploading Photoscape and looked at some of the preset filters and just having fun with it.  Next week we will meet at a park just to enjoy our autumn colours – weather permitting off course.

So that was it.  A roller coaster week.



Copyright Raewyn Forbes


24 thoughts on “A Photo a Week: The week that was”

  1. Good summary of the week – the good and the bad parts of it. I actually saw this on Twitter but accidentally closed the window, so I liked it here instead.



  2. What a week! Sure hope you graduate off that ice cream soon…although I would be very happy on that diet. 🙂 How awful about that break in, hope the police find the thugs who stole your lawn mower. Love the idea of your photo group, sounds like so much fun…enjoy!


    1. Thanks. I am not keen on ice cream anyway. Never have been. Now I don’t want to see it for a long, long time. The lawn mower is long gone and sold by now – that is what the police officer said. But the Social Snappers group is great.


    1. We discovered it Thursday night. At least Martin’s bike is still there. Police officer said that lawn mowers are easy cash. Aroha and Manu next door are keeping an eye out for it too.


    1. Thanks so much. That is what the police officer said – lawn mowers are easy cash. What I don’t like is when I am so poor that I can’t afford to get a new one. I am insured though. Will ring them today to see what I can do.

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  3. Just mowed our lawn yesterday for the first time this year. Can’t imagine someone stealing our mower. In our case, they’d be better off taking my husband’s bikes.



  4. What an eventful week! Love the painting. I could never do that. So sorry about your lawn mower. We left our garage door open one night, and someone took a bunch of camping equipment and some nice cordless tools. Always frustrating. Hopefully you get enough snow in the winter that you won’t need to think about mowing the lawn much longer this year. 🙂 Thanks for joining the challenge!


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