Weekly Pet Share: Sitting on the Fence

Sitting on the Fence-7726

Good morning from a warmer sunny Hastings day.  We have had a gorgeous sunrise which I used for my Wordless Wednesday post.  The sunrises are definitely getting later, and redder.  One day I will take my son to his college and then go over to Napier cemetery and try and get a sunrise there – the cemetery is up on a hill.  That should be good.

I thoroughly enjoyed my painting class yesterday.  Actually it was spent talking mostly about my Social Snappers group.  A couple want to join my group but it clashes with another group so there was a lot of discussion about times etc so that they can come along.  It is all good.

Anyway here is something more furry.  We have a lot of cats where  I live.  So there is no shortage of furry models for me.  I have to keep my camera handy just to catch some interesting photos.  Just like this cat sitting on the fence.  This is near the area where all the cats seem to sit to check up on me.  It is comforting somehow.



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Monochrome of the Day/Monochrome Madness: Serenity


Monochrome of the Day


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