Five Photos, Five Stories: The Golden Hour

Glowing Golden Leaves-179

Every day the leaves are changing colours.  Every day the trees are becoming barer.  Every day the light is different.  Autumn has shown it’s colourful side.  This year it has been amazing.  The light has touched the trees and made them glow.  Catching this glow has been hard.  It is a work in progress.

With each shutter click you hope that you will capture that amazing photo.  You place the tripod in readiness for a great dawn.  You sometimes sleep in and then you beat yourself up for possibly missing the most amazing light.  Especially when you see the remnants of the wonderful sunrise.

You rush out in your pyjamas and bed hair.  The coffee can wait.  What is important is capturing that amazing light and clouds.  Then you wait until the sun is actually up and the light just makes the golden leaves glow.  Then you press the shutter like a madman.  Holding your breath.

The light fades as the sun is fully risen.  You come inside and the craving for your coffee hits you.  But you can’t wait.  It is more important to upload your photos.  Then you find that the exposures are wrong – you had the settings for another, brighter time of the day.  Sighing you go and get your coffee.

Tomorrow it starts all over again.

Watching for that elusive capture.

This is for this challenge.  I was nominated by Emilio at Photos by Emilio for this challenge.  So today I would like to nominate Aletta from nowathome.  She has some amazing photos, with my favourites being her oddball challenge photos.  No obligation Aletta.

Thanks for visiting.

Copyright Raewyn Forbes

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