Phoneography Challenge: Painted Macros

Painted Daisy-051

Good morning from a very windy Hastings day.  We have just had the most glorious sunrise so I have been outside with the camera in my  dressing gown.  I will post some of the photos tomorrow for my Wordless Wednesday post.  Apparently the downside of this sunrise spectacle is rain.  So that is what we can expect this afternoon.

I have started doing acrylic  painting classes.  It takes a lot longer to create a masterpiece than a painted photo. So for a change I used the Glaze app on my iPad to create my artwork with these macro photos.  So much easier and less mess.  Still I am really enjoying it – both actually.

Painted Pink Beauty-047

Painted Pink Beauty-049

These last two photos didn’t really come up that well when I first edited them.  I thought they worked better with this app.

For this last photo I used Distressed FX as I wanted to focus on the strong autumn gold in this leaf.

Golden Leaf-040

This is for Sally’s challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally where we just use our mobile devices – no cameras allowed.

I will catch up with my reader later.  Am running late due to the sunrise.

Thanks for visiting.


Copyright Raewyn Forbes

17 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Painted Macros”

  1. Both of the apps you used are some of my favorites. I especially am drawn to the leaf. It seems to be floating on top of a pond, just waiting to add to the pond’s recycling from the forest’s trees above it. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. Thanks Sally. It is so much fun with apps. I now need to apply it to real painting – a work in progress. I just love the colours at the moment. We are having a very vibrant autumn at the moment.


      1. Autumn and spring view for my attention in ways that the other seasons cannot compete. Here I am enjoying spring and you are enjoying autumn. And we can converse in a matter about it in a seconds.


    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment Carole. I would like to nominate you tomorrow for the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge. You post a photo each day and write something about it – a few words, poem or something along that way. You then nominate a new blogger each day. Your photos are so cool.


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