12 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Pointy Things – Hastings Statue”

      1. It is. In February we have a special Art Deco Weekend where we dress up in period clothes and enjoy activities relating to that time. There is a serious side to it in that this area was destroyed in an earthquake in 1931 and the cities were rebuilt in the Art Deco style


      2. art deco weekend sound alike a good idea. and that is interesting to hear about how the old made room for the new (or what was new then) – kind of inspiring in a way. and here in our town, we had a sprots training camp built and they were supposed to save the older trees – but the builder plowed it all – everyone was irate. But then one guy said something about the newly planted trees will be for future generations (something like that) but the art deco here made m think of this – and whew – people were so mad about the tree loss – anyhow, I need to try and stop by your blog more – 🙂

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