Five Photos, Five Stories: A Bee’s Story

A Busy Bee-517

I’m just minding my business.  Actually my life is my business.  I am a busy bee.  My job is to fly from plant to plant and pollinate everything I touch.  At this time of the year the nectar just seems to be so yummy and irresistible.  There is so much to put into the hive to feed our queen.

At least here in this park there are no pesticides.  Now that is hard to spot.  I have seen so many of my friends pass away from this – Tom, Dick and Harry were especially close to me.

Why can’t these big clumsy humans realise that we are the most vital creatures on this earth.  Without us there will be no grasses, no crops, no food.  We pollinate the blossoms that grow into their fruit and foods that they eat.

Those big clumsy humans think they are the most intelligent creatures on this earth.  But us humble bees will have the last say.  When we are not around, they won’t be around either.

So my plea to you big oaf with the strange looking object in your face, is to pass on this message to your fellow humans.  So that Tom, Dick and Harry and others don’t die in vain.


This is for two challenges.  The first one is for Marilyn’s new challenge at  SERENDIPITY where we get to write a story with our photos.

I was also nominated by Emilio at  Photos by Emilio and as part of this challenge I would like nominate Carol from Light Words.  All you need to do Carol is write a story to go with your photo and then nominate another blogger each day.  Your photos are so great.  No obligation.


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One Word Photo Challenge: Sunrise, Sunset

Panorama Sunrise-


This week Jennifer has asked us for our clouds for this series in her challenge.  So it was a great excuse for me to try out the panorama feature in Lightroom.  After a couple of hiccups and checking out the videos I have these two photos to show for it.  Actually I had a couple of panoramas in my Wordless Wednesday post.  I just had to do panoramas as the clouds were just too much to show in one single image.

For these I used the dusk/dawn filter on my camera to get the deep colours of the clouds.

One Word Photo Challenge: Cloudy

One Word Photo Challenge: Cloudy


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Cees Fun Fotos: Enjoying the Autumn Sun

Enjoying the Autumn Sun-603

Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.  It is really bright and sunny but apparently it is expected to change over the day.

Yesterday I took advantage of our glorious weather and headed for the park.  As I was walking around I found that this pond was very busy with all these sparrows enjoying a bath.

Enjoying the Autumn Sun-617

The colours are so bright and vibrant in our harsh sun and the reflections were amazing.

Enjoying the Autumn Sun-578

I had noticed some splashing going on at this pond so I had to sneak up very quietly so as not to disturb them.  But even though they flew off, they soon came back.  The water was irresistible.

Enjoying the Autumn Sun-561

As you can see with this photo.


This Week Cee has given us a photo and asked us to pick a part of the photo for our photos.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pick a Topic from My Photo


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Feathered Friends

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