WPC Challenge: Enveloped


Good morning from a cold and windy Hastings day.  I think that winter has decided to make an entrance now.  Yesterday I was so lucky.  When I got up yesterday morning it was raining rather hard.  I had my social snapper’s group but still had something planned for wet weather.  But to my surprise  the weather cleared up in time and we spent a lovely hour wandering around Hastings looking at all the Art Deco features and the sun really made the buildings shine.  Then, when I got home again the weather changed back to being wet and miserable.  Talk about a lucky break.

Anyway Krista over at The Daily Post has asked us for our photos showing something being enveloped.  So I found this photo of a Vriesea plant.  I took it at the hot house in Cornwall Park last week with my social snappers group.  As everyone knows I am hopeless with names of plants.  But while wandering around I found some plaques with names of the plants and information.  Another one of my doh moments.  I have loads of photos from this place but never thought to look for name plaques.  So I now know what this is called.  Now I can showcase my photos for my  Friday’s Florals post.





The Daily Post: WPC Enveloped


Spider Web Enveloped by Water Drops


Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

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