Travel Themes: Art Deco Hats

Cloche Hat-018

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings day.

This week Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? has asked us to show off our hats.  Soooo, as everyone knows I am a huge Art Deco fan.  I love getting into the spirit of the event by dressing  up with the dresses, gloves and of course hats.

So for this first hat I brought a ready made cloche felt hat.  Then I had some beaded lace left over from my dress which I carefully cut out and glued onto the hat.  For some extra embellishment I added this silk rose.  It is a bit weird wearing it as it goes right down over my forehead.  This makes it difficult to take photos.

Crochet Hat-054

This second photo is of my daughter Ruth modelling this hat I crocheted. I have a book with original knitting patterns starting from the early 1920’s.  From this time all the women’s magazines always included knitting or crocheting patterns which also included hats and gloves.  This was one of them from 1932.

The Art Deco period was such an elegant era.  There was a strict etiquette regarding what to wear to what event.  You can see this if you are a fan of Downtown Abbey.  I remember there was one scene where Mary was asked by a man to go to London.  She then asks him on the phone what she needed to bring – was this rendezvous during the day, at night, what restaurant were they going to, and to what jewelry she needed to bring.  But then that was for the rich.

But even the working class wouldn’t be seen without gloves or hat when going out.  This is where the magazines were so important.  They provided the poorer women with a chance to keep up with the latest fashions.  Their hair would not have been as messy as Ruth’s was either.

Travel theme: Hats

Travel Theme: Hats

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13 thoughts on “Travel Themes: Art Deco Hats”

    1. Thanks so much. It was more about not being able to afford the real deal. Patience is definitely a virtue in this case. Your photos are great and you are very creative with your posts. I really enjoy reading them.


      1. You’re welcome.
        You’re welcome. 🙂
        And – thank you for following my blog too.
        I hope you enjoy what I share.


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