Weekly Pet Share: A Pair of Swallows

House Swallows-2

Good morning from a cold and frosty Hastings.

I am currently watching Eurovision – for Steve from Steve Says…  It is being held in Vienna this year, and as I lived in Austria for 11 years and my children are  half Austrian so I am watching it for their sakes.  And it is being shown live as well.  Some of the acts sound a lot better  on the TV than my other tinny sounding computer.  My favourites are the English and Australian entries.

On Monday I go to the stables to muck about with horses and it was such a glorious day.  We sat in the sun and these house swallows were flying around our heads and generally enjoying the sun.  So of course I have to take photos.

This is for Michelle’s Pet Share at Hope* the happy hugger



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11 thoughts on “Weekly Pet Share: A Pair of Swallows”

  1. I thought Swallows were a sign of Summer coming. We’re being bombarded here with ads of Guy Sebastian and Eurovision, I still find last year’s winner a little disconcerting.


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