Cee’s Oddball Challenge: A Hidden Bug

Hidden Bug-2

Good morning from a very wet, cold and miserable Hastings day.  Winter has well and truly arrived here in New Zealand with snow falling in both the North Island and South Island.  It has been a cold and miserable weekend anyway but I think this is to last all week.  We have been so lucky with the warm sunny autumn days so it is to be expected.

As it is Monday for me it is time for Cee’s Oddball Challenge at Cee’s Photography.  This photo was taken a few days ago at Frimley Park.  The hydrangeas have been fighting the weather with showing some flowers.  I love the textures with this bloom as it showed the ravages of the cold nights.  Then when I go home and uploaded the photos I notice that there is a tiny bug in the middle of it.  Can you find it?


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week 21


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