One Photo Focus Challenge: Congratulations to Stacy P Fischer

_Photoscape with antique photo effects.

Congratulations to Stacy at Visual Venturing for her one year anniversary for hosting this challenge.

This is a great challenge where all the challengers get the same image and put our own stamp on it.

This month Stacy has given us one of her own images.


As you can see it is over exposed.  So I went into Photoshop and  upped the clarity and reduced the exposure.  I went a little over with the clarity as I wanted a vintage feel to it.

Then I went to Photoscape and added their preset vintage filter and a vintage still frame.

Here are some other great edits – it was fun to see what everyone else had done.

Happy Anniversary ABFriday/One Photo Focus!

After-Before Friday Week 52 & One Photo Focus

Thanks for visiting.

15 thoughts on “One Photo Focus Challenge: Congratulations to Stacy P Fischer”

  1. Love the vintage feel you chose for Mork and Mindy’s house, Raewyn. And the details in the preset are really spot-on, from the sepia tones to the errant scratches and “crease” lines! A fun edit and great “save” for the photo 😀 Thanks so much for being a part of the celebration!


  2. Great job, Raewyn. I love the old photo texture you added. It’s very believable as if the photo was newly discovered in the attic.


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