Travel Theme: Handmade Christening Gown

Christening gown 1-023

Good morning from a very chilly Hastings day.  I was going to get up and go down to the park to get some photos of the sunrise.  Guess what, my bed was just too warm and cosy.  So I missed it.  I might think about doing it tomorrow.  We’ll see.

This week Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? has asked us for our photos of handmade items.  I have a feeling that I have showed this before.  But I had to take some new photos to show this off more clearly on TradeMe, which is New Zealand’s EBay.  I have noticed just  how much clearer these photos are, compared to those taken with my lost camera.  So maybe that was a blessing in disguise.

Anyway these photos show a christening gown that I made from Indian silk and lace.  Christening gown 2-006

It is very long as you can see, with 6″ lace and satin ribbons at the bottom.  I use this very realistic looking doll to dress up in order to get more interesting photos.

Actually this is rather appropriate as Buckingham Palace has announced the date for the christening of Princess Charlotte next month.

Travel theme: Handmade

I will catch up with you all later today.

Thanks for visiting.

Copyright Raewyn Forbes

20 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Handmade Christening Gown”

  1. If it makes you feel better Raewyn, my camera club was meeting at Queenscliffe this morning….at 0700. That’s an hours drive, one way. I decided to think about it at 0600 if I was awake….I wasn’t 🙂 Love the Christening gown. And you made it. My first thought was that it was something your Grandmother made. Okay, a bloke’s thought, but based on the fact that our kids had christening gowns of that ilk.


    1. I have resolved to go out tomorrow morning, if possible. What put me off the most was all the ice on the car. So to try and encourage me I have put a tarp over it. Now just to work on the getting out of bed………..
      Thanks for the lovely compliment. I used old christening gowns as an inspiration. Just need to sell it – need to buy some firewood.


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