Travel Theme: Off Centre

Yellow Lily (1 of 1)

Good morning from a mild Hastings day.  I am just about to go to the doctors as I can barely move with an incredibly sore back.  I have been debating what to do with my son.  I don’t want to go to the doctors in my pyjamas so somehow I will struggle to get into some clothes.  But a bath is out of the question – I would need help to get out of it and my son draws the line at that.  It would have been great to try to relax the spasms.  So I will do this blog.  Struggle into some clothes and go down to the doctors in my slippers. What a pain – how do I even get into my car.

So just a quick post and I will catch up with everyone later.

Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? has asked us for our off centre photos.  I think I have done this is monochrome but I love it just as much in colour.

Travel theme: Off-Centre

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