Travel Theme: Old Fashioned – Art Deco 2015

Hawke's Bay Express

Good morning from a cool but sunnier Hastings day.

Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? has asked us for our old fashioned photos.  So it was back to my Art Deco photos for some inspiration.  First up is the Hawke’s Bay Express.

Art Deco

Then it was an old fashioned car.  I didn’t get many photos of cars this year, I focused more on the car mascots.  I will have to see what I want to focus on next year.

Both edited in Photoshop CC and then onto Photoscape for the Antique Preset filters.

Old Fashioned Rose-6012

Finally I couldn’t resist and old fashioned style rose.

Travel theme: Old-fashioned

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Copyright Raewyn Forbes

21 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Old Fashioned – Art Deco 2015”

  1. We had some of those roses at our first house. Thought they were wild(ish) roses and did not think much of them. Only beginning to appreciate that they are old fashioned plants in recent years. Great shot.


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