Sally D’s Mobile Challenge: A Friendly Fantail

Friday 19th June-8732

Good morning from a very cold and frosty Hastings day.  Last night was the coldest night ever all over New Zealand.  And I am late this morning as I have been trying to get my fire going.  It is freezing.

Last Friday I went out with my social snappers group to Frimley Park.  As we were walking around my battery died on my camera.  So I got out my iPhone 5S as this friendly fantail flitted around us.  We were talking loudly but that didn’t scare this little bird off.  I drained the cellphone getting photos.

I will catch up with everyone later.  I have my painting class today. So here is what I have been doing the past few weeks.


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30 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Challenge: A Friendly Fantail”

  1. How cold has it been over there? We’ve been having -4 and -2 deg C sorts of mornings here. I expect NZ is colder than that. Hope you got your fire going 🙂
    Keep going with the painting – awesome effort and it’s such fun! I love to paint and am still learning myself. I think we’re always learning something.
    Dear little fantail 😀


    1. Thanks for your lovely compliment Robyn. I took art at school many moons ago. I really wanted to do graphic art at university but it was not an option available to me at that time. Now I am just enjoying getting back into the groove.


    1. We are still cold here, I am going through a lot of firewood to keep warm. It is very cold in the wind. Thanks for your lovely compliment about my painting. It is nice getting back into it.


  2. Wow! You’re quite the artist Raewyn! I love it! I also love horses, so this is number one for sure! 😀

    That fantail is just too adorable. Great shots hon. 😀 ♥


    1. The photo quality of the cell phone is obviously not as good as I would have liked. It was the first time that I have been able to capture it with the tail feathers out in full fan mode so to speak. They are very flighty and really hard to capture.


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