One Photo Focus

robin-kent-one-photo-focus-july-1 PS Edit

Good morning from a grey and wet Hastings day.

This month for Stacy’s challenge over at Visual Venturing we are all editing this photo by Robyn Kent. Below is the original.

I imported the image into Photoshop where I used Camera Raw to increase clarity, vibrancy and saturation.

Then I went to the preset filters and posterized it – but reduced the width of the edges.

 Then I added the blur filter to get the spin affect, at the same time making sure that the dome is still in focus.  I wanted the blur lines to reflect the curves of the dome.

Finally I converted to black and white and fiddled around with the black slider to get the affect I wanted.


ABFriday Week 54: July One Photo Focus

As usual my Internet is playing up so sorry, no ping backs today.

Thanks for visiting.

Copyright Raewyn Forbes

21 thoughts on “One Photo Focus”

  1. This is a really great edit of Robin’s photo. I almost feel like I’m being pulled into a time vortex. If I step through I wonder when I will be?!?


  2. Simple and effective, I like the BW, thats def an improvement, it reminds me of an effect on the old original Dr Who show 🙂


  3. Raewyn, for some reason, I didn’t find this when I came looking on Friday. I assumed you hadn’t written a post, but coming back today, I see I was wrong. My apologies for my late comment on your 1PF submission! I’m really glad you DID write something up because I really wanted to know how you had done what you did. Very cool effect. I will put this on my “to try” list and look forward to when I can actually give it a whirl (haha, no pun intended 😀),


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