Cee’s Oddball Challenge: A Cool Ride

A cool ride-102

Good morning from a warmish, to be hot sunny day.  Such a weird winter.  One week freezing,  the next week spring weather.

Last week my son and I went over to Napier and after visiting my parents my son and I went down to Port Ahuriri just to see what was around.  I was itching to get some more beach photos.

The first thing I found was this cool dude on this trike.  He was advertising something but I just thought, very cool.  And he is keeping safe with his seatbelt on as well.  Perfect for Cee’s challenge every Sunday/Monday over at her blog  Cee’s Photography.

A cool ride-094

This second photo is taken looking back towards Napier.  So this road runs along the beach.  All high end and expensive real estate here.


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week 27

The Aftermath




Thanks for visiting.  I will catch up with everyone later on.  Busy morning today.

Copyright Raewyn Forbes

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