12 thoughts on “Monochrome of the Day: Leaves”

  1. I like your idea of resurrecting an old traditional print. I remember very well my darkroom days and I love to go back through those tactile archives, reflecting when I’d spend an average of an hour or more on each image to get it as close to the way I’d visualized it as I could. I think that many folks who “grew up” in the digital world may have missed a lot of insight that we absorbed back then, and I’m grateful for the many hours I spent with the fragrant fumes of the acid bath and the magically- but oh-so-slowly-developing images!


    1. Thanks. I absolutely loved working in the dark room. As you say it was like magic seeing an image come alive before your eyes. I had an exhibition back in 1995 – 96 with my black and whites – I did a lot of post processing and playing around with different papers and toning. I did a grunge affect before it was even a name. Now it is fun on a computer, but the magic is not quite the same.


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