Friday’s Florals: Fatsia Japonica

Fatsia Japonica-507

For weeks I have been trying to figure out what the name of this flowering shrub is.  I searched online to no avail.  Then I remembered that I had an encyclopedia of tropical plants.  I literally went through page by page.  As Murphy’s law goes – I finally found it right at the back of the book.  Phew.

Fatsia Japonica-515

They are very popular with the insects and butterflies.

Fatsia japonica (fatsi, paperplant or Japanese aralia; syn. Aralia japonica Thunb., A. sieboldii Hort. ex K.Koch) is a species of flowering plant in the family Araliaceae, native to southern Japan and South Korea.

It is an evergreen shrub growing to 3–6 m (9.8–19.7 ft) tall, with stout, sparsely branched stems. The leaves are spirally-arranged, large, 20–50 cm (7.9–19.7 in) in width and on a petiole up to 50 cm (20 in) long, leathery, palmately lobed, with 7–9 broad lobes, divided to half or two-thirds of the way to the base of the leaf; the lobes are edged with coarse, blunt teeth. The flowers are small, white, borne in dense terminal compound umbels in late autumn or early winter, followed by small black fruit.

The name “fatsi” is an approximation of the old Japanese word for ‘eight’ (hachi in modern Japanese), referring to the eight lobes. In Japan it is known as yatsude, meaning “eight fingers”. The name “Japanese aralia” is due to the genus formerly being classified within a broader interpretation of the related genus Aralia in the past. It has been interbred with Hedera helix (common ivy) to produce the intergeneric hybrid × Fatshedera lizei.

Fatsia Japonica-516

Cultivation and uses

It is commonly grown as an ornamental plant in warm temperate regions where winters do not fall below about -15°C. F. japonica have been shown to effectively remove gaseous formaldehyde from indoor air.[1]

This plant[2] and its cultivar F. japonica ‘Variegata’[3] have gained the Royal Horticultural Society‘s Award of Garden Merit.

Fatsia Japonica-218

That is about all the information I could find on:

The information in the book is for gardeners, not what I am at all.

Fatsia Japonica-198

I just enjoy taking photos of it.  I do have a lot of photos as they are very popular around Hastings.

Friday's Florals

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