Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Arataki Honey Farm

Arataki Honey Farm-007

Good morning from a warmer Hastings day.

Last Friday my Social Snappers group went to Arataki Honey Farm.  It was really interesting and the bees were behind glass.

Arataki Honey Farm-032

It was really hard to take clear and sharp photos as the bees were constantly on the move.

Arataki Honey Farm-040

There were several types of bees and it was so fascinating watching them – mesmerising.

Arataki Honey Farm-014

And the honeycombs made for great abstract photos too.

The smell of honey was very strong.

This is for Sally’s challenge over at Lens and Pens by Sally where we showcase our mobile photography which for me is my iPhone 5S. Welcome back Sally.  We missed your challenge.

Thanks for visiting.

Copyright Raewyn Forbes

PS.  I will catch up with everyone later – my painting class today.

19 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Arataki Honey Farm”

  1. I’m impressed. You couldn’t pay me enough to get that close to all those bees, much as I admire bees and recognize their importance. Those are some really excellent — rather exciting — photographs. Really good job!!


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