One Word Photo Challenge: Snow

Snow in Hastings-012

A few weeks ago a friend and I went into town on a very wet and miserable day.  It was midwinter and someone had the idea of trucking in some snow and have some fun.  There was also a serious message with this – it was part of an anti-bullying campaign.  The idea was to encourage young people, who probably have never seen any snow to come along and have some great fun in the snow.

Snow in Hastings-007

The younger children didn’t know what to make of snow.  Me, I was content to stand back and watch them play.  I am not a big fan of snow after living in Austria for 11 years.

Snow in Hastings-028

But the main thing is that the children were able to enjoy themselves.


One Word Photo Challenge: Snow

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12 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Snow”

  1. I’m puzzled as to why children wouldn’t have seen snow in New Zealand, where there’s plenty of snow every winter (and I even saw a little on the mountains in the summer). Is your location too far north to get much snow?


    1. I live on the East Coast of the North island. Our climate is very temperate. Most of the snow falls on the Central Plateau and along the ranges. The majority of the children here in Hastings would never get the opportunity to go to the ski fields and feel the snow.


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