One Word Photo Challenge: Hail

After a heavy storm-6648

I have just spent some time digging deep into my archives to find suitable photos for Jennifer’s challenge over at Jennifer Nichole Wells.  This series is all about the weather.  So far I have managed to find some photos of snow, frost, tsunamis and sandstorms.  But this week I am stumped.  I have just realised that we don’t actually have much hail where I live.

So what to do.  Well, I have found these photos and I am going to ask you to imagine that it has just hailed and the ice has melted and the reflections are what is left behind.

After a heavy storm-6656

The clouds have cleared and the light is sharp and crisp.  The reflections are vibrant and clear.

There are even bubbles still from the melting hail.


One Word Photo Challenge: Hail

One Word Photo Challenge: Hail

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