Sally D’s Mobile Challenge: Abstract Waters

Abstract Waters-2

Good morning from a warmer Hastings.  We have only another week to go until it is officially spring.  Phew, it has been a long winter.

Tuesday for me is time for Sally’s challenge over at Lens and Pens by Sally.  This is a great challenge for our mobile photography.  My iPhone 5S is my backup when my camera battery runs out.  Or when I don’t have my camera on me – it really annoys my children when I get my phone out to take photos but hey – my daughter is now doing the same thing.

Anyway this photo was taken a couple of months ago during one of my Social Snappers outing.  I can’t remember what app I used to edit this but I like how it turned out.

I slept in this morning so I can’t go through my reader – I have my painting class this morning. I will catch up with everyone later.

Painted Rose-017

This is my latest painting.

Thanks for visiting.

Copyright Raewyn Forbes

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