Serendipity Photo Prompt: Weather Woes

Flooding and El Nino-1-2

Good morning from a very windy Hastings spring day.

Thursday for me is time for 

Just as I was deciding to shift we had a really bad week of constant heavy rain. It just never seemed to end.  And it was heavy.

Flooding and El Nino-1

It was a good time to go around looking for a new place to live.  It wasn’t just wet, but very cold as well.  My other house never seemed to warm up, even with the fire going.

Flooding and El Nino-1-4

So when I went into this house and it was so warm, I made up my mind straight away and signed up for it.

Flooding and El Nino-1-3

This above photo was taken on the Friday, once the rain had stopped and the flooding had eased.

My son took this photo from the bridge on the way to his college.  The water was right up to the bridge.

So that where I had stood to take my photos was under water a couple of days prior.

Flooding and El Nino-1-6

By the time the rain had stopped everyone was so over it.  Yet all the meteorologists can talk about is that we are expecting a really severe El Nino summer – that means a long, hot and dry summer.

Flooding and El Nino-1-5

So maybe we had all this rain to help prepare us for the dry summer to come.

After the flooding at Napier-8-21

I also went down to the estuary and beach to see what damage had been done and as you can see there was even flooding at the beach.

After the flooding at Napier-8-17

Even whole plants, roots and all were ripped out and ended up drying out on the beach.

Now we are very windy.  Usual weather for this time of the year.


Finally here is a video showing the extent of the flooding.

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20 thoughts on “Serendipity Photo Prompt: Weather Woes”

    1. It was a mess but Mother Nature always cleans up after herself.
      Our shift went smoothly and we have settled in really quickly. Now I live across the road from a park so get to hear a lot of native birds which is always nice


    1. I would have loved to send some over to you. After a week of it we were very soggy. Our backyard was under water for some time after the rain stopped – poor drainage. But it was good to try out some rain photos – still working on them though


  1. I’m hoping El Nino brings some rain to some of our parched states, too. Especially California which is going to be dry enough to blow away completely. How much El Nino will affect us depends on a bunch of things, including whether it lasts into the new year and weather or not we get a polar wind shift that brings the bitter air from the arctic across Canada and New England. So many variable make it hard to figure exactly what’s going to happen. I’m hoping for a warmer, wetter winter. More rain, no snow. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

    Glad you found a better house and I hope it gives you a more comfortable environment. Nice to have you back! I’m going to be a bit missing for a couple of months — just a lot of family stuff and a lot of projects that are time-consuming.


    1. We have the opposite affect with El Nino – very dry. That is why the farmers were so happy to have all that rain. Apparently we are to have a bumper season for our fruits as the rain came at the right time just as the trees were starting to bud.
      This house is a lot warmer and more comfortable to live in, plus in a better neighbourhood. The move was quick and relatively easy. That is always a good sign.


  2. So did you get your new warm house? I really hope so, I had to put insulation and a pellet fire into mine for the winter but it made SUCH a difference.


    1. The other house had insulation in top and bottom, but it was an ex-state house built in the sixties with no insulating paper and asbestos cladding. So it never really kept the heat in and took a long time to warm up. This place is so different. Lots of light and warms up really quickly. We have a wall heater similar to a heat pump and that is great. It is weird to find that we still need heating at this time of the year.


      1. I have run my fire in December and Jan in recent years sometimes, summer kicks in later than it used to IMHO


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