WPC: Being Careful at Sea

Careful Sailing-1

Good morning from a wet and miserable spring day here in Hastings.

My daughter arrived yesterday and we had a great time catching up.  Yesterday the weather was hot and blustery so we made some plans to go out this weekend to take photos.  Maybe not with this weather.  I am sure we will think of something to do.

Anyway  from the Daily Post  Weekly Photo Challenge has given us the prompt to  “show us careful — a photo taken with care, a person being careful, or a task or detail requiring care.”

So I had to have  a think about this one.  As I was going through my photos I found this photo taken at Westshore.  This is looking over to Port Ahuriri with some windsurfers in the foreground.  Because New Zealand is basically islands we are as a nation very keen on water sports – we have done well over the years in yachting and wind surfing.   The weather wasn’t ideal this day, but that didn’t stop the windsurfers from going out – they are being cautious as there is a support boat out there with them.  You can never be too careful in the water.


The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

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8 thoughts on “WPC: Being Careful at Sea”

  1. You’re right about being careful in the water. The east coast of the US has had a number of unusual shark attacks this year, even in very shallow water. Even those being careful have fallen prey.



    1. We have shark attacks too, though rarely. The problem here in New Zealand is that people are not careful at sea – they don’t wear life jackets or the wrong type of clothing or don’t watch the weather conditions.


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