Sally D’a Mobile Photography Challenge: Heavy Clouds over Hastings

Heavy Clouds-1-4

Good morning from another sunny spring day here in Hastings.

A month ago I got the new iPhone 6S.   My 5S was starting to show it’s age.  I was getting disappointed with quality of the photos – very pixilated.   Maybe it is because I am becoming a lot more discerning with the quality of photos.  Anyway I just had to go out to try the camera.  Luckily we had some very heavy cloud formations so I just went to town.

Heavy Clouds-1-3

dHeavy Clouds-1-2

Heavy Clouds-1

Needless to say I went crazy.  And I was happy with the quality of the photos as well.

Thanks for visiting.

18 thoughts on “Sally D’a Mobile Photography Challenge: Heavy Clouds over Hastings”

  1. Well, those clouds were ready to perform for you, and your image shows off the sweeping drama of the skyline. Have more and more fun with the new addition to your photographic tool kit. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. Quite dramatic, Raewyn, and I’m glad you’re enjoying your new phone. I still have a 5S and quite like it. Trying not to get the have-to-have-a-new-phone-for-the-camera urge. 🙂



      1. I know. It takes amazing pictures. It’s too sharp with trees and such so I unsharpen a bit. I try to get my images taken with my Samsung look like my Canon’s pics. 🙂 I am really having a blast with it though!! ❤


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