Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Impressions of Bayview

Bayview impressions-

Good morning from a cool Hastings day.

It is the start of the week for me which is strange as Cee from ceenphotography.com always starts her challenge  for all our Oddball Photos on a Sunday.

Whenever I go and help my father at a market I always take my camera.  There are so many interesting things to see and take photos of.  I did see some others wandering around with cameras as well so I didn’t feel so intrusive.  I really wanted to take photos of children eyeing up Dad’s wooden cars but Dad said no, he didn’t want me to upset parents.  So instead I wandered around seeing what was for sale.

This stand with mussel shells was very popular.  I really loved the silver fern in the background.

Bayview impressions--2

Then the stand next door had these amazing stands made up of old teapots and lampshades glued together.  I thought they were really fun.

Bayview impressions--4

But the cost was too much for me.

Bayview impressions--3

Then they had these stands with different candle holders.  I just loved this one.

At the end when we were packing up this clown came over to get me to take his photo.


He does look a bit sad and scary as his makeup was running with the heat and wind.

You can catch up with this great challenge over at Cee’s blog:

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Travel Theme: Inspiration from Hastings and Napier


Good morning from a cooler late spring day here in Hastings.

So above is a rather boring photo of Hastings.  On Friday my Social Snappers group went up Te Mata Peak for some photos of the Redwood Forest – we didn’t quite make it but found this little spot.  The only thing was, I forget that I get severe vertigo and some of the trails were steep and so were touch and go for me.  But anyway here is a view of my home town Hastings.


So looking up at the trees was rather dodgy at times.


But looking down was a breeze most of the time.


Then there is Napier – you can see how close Napier is to Hastings.


Here is a close up of the beach at Westshore.


Yesterday I had to help my father at the Bayview market where he sells his wooden toys that he makes.

I took my camera with me as I always do.  All day long I had itchy fingers and just had to walk around taking photos.  I just love this shell flowers – all real shells that have been painted.


There were a lof Art Deco inspired stands such as this one selling these gorgeous mirrors.

I get inspiration from all around me.  There is always something that catches my eye.  So today I thought I would show you some of my home for the Where’s My Backpack?: Inspiration challenge by Ailsa.

Travel theme: Inspiration


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WPC: Transitioning Roses


Good morning from another hot and muggy day. I am up early as I have to go and help my father at a market.

Which means I am really early with my WPC post.  Which this week is “Transition” set by 

For this week’s challenge, share an image that depicts transition. Perhaps a photo of your little one’s first steps, as they transition from baby to toddler. A sunset scene, as your world passes from day to night, or waves kissing a shoreline, the space between land and sea.

So, what else can I show but roses.  I tend to try and get the transitioning roses in one image – from the bud to a dying rose and different stages of blooming in between.



Red Transit in London

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