Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: A Colourful Spring


Good morning from another beautiful spring morning here in Hastings.

At the moment when I go for a walk it is rather stressful when I leave the camera at home.  So frustrating for me.  The colours at the moment are glorious.  Spring has been about a month late in coming.  But it was worth the wait.  To start with I just tried to walk.  But no, I couldn’t just walk.  So out comes my iPhone 6S. The only problem with the new operating system is that the music is cut off while I access the camera.  Have to work on that one. Anyway at least I do have a camera on me. So here are some photos just taken around the block where I live.





No need to edit them as the colours speak for themselves.

This is for Sally’s great challenge for mobile photography.

Thanks for visiting.

9 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: A Colourful Spring”

  1. Raewyn, you’ve given us a lovely tour of your spring awakening. While you’re enjoying the burst of color, our autumn continues to be less than memorable. Nevertheless, there are pockets of color similar to your second image, showing your leafing of the new season. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. I’m enjoying seeing your spring colors while we’re enjoying autumn colors. Although I take my camera out with me on some walks, I’m never without a camera when I have my iPhone. 🙂 I miss the camera when I spot something farther away than my phone will do well.



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