One Word Photo Challenge: Summer in New Zealand


Good morning from a cold spring day here in Hastings.  Apparently we are to expect snow in the middle of the North Island.  Just as we are heading into summer – weird weather this year.

Here in New Zealand our summers are about the beaches.  As we are technically islands we are surrounded by the ocean so that water sports are very popular.  And, because our Christmas comes in the middle of the summer many celebrate by going to the beach.  So that the children can try out their new presents.  Actually we are a very laid back culture.  BBQs on the beach is more our style.

These photos were taken in 2006 in Tauranga.  Boating and sailing is also a big part of our culture too.


This is the last of the different weather prompts for Jennifer’s challenge over at

One Word Photo Challenge: Summer

One Word Photo Challenge: Summer