Serendipitous Photo Story: Learning about Gifs


Good morning from a cool and cloudy spring day in Hastings.

I woke up this morning determined to try and work out how to do gifs.  You know all those short animated videos that are now becoming popular. Just looking at this is actually making me dizzy though as I am writing my post.

Anyway when I go out taking photos I tend to take a lot of shots together so that when I go through them fast I could see a short video.  So I got up early this morning and went to Photoscape where I found it was relatively easy.  I managed to save it as well.

 But the problem came when I tried to upload to Facebook. Apparently they hate gifs there – well they can be uploaded everywhere else easily.  I suppose they think that they are a law until themselves.  But, after googling it I managed to work out how to do it. Then it promptly got lost in cyberspace.

It really was just an exercise in learning something new.  I still prefer stills, but when I get something like this I will try again.

Feathered Friends-1-4

Here is the same duck.  I just loved her reflections.

Feathered Friends-1-5

I actually am trying to work on my reaction times.  I have a lot of photos of both ends of ducks and lots of water.  They do move so fast.

Feathered Friends-1-6

As you can see.

All in all a work in progress.

Check out Marilyn’s  prompt over at:


15 thoughts on “Serendipitous Photo Story: Learning about Gifs”

      1. When I hit “press this”, it takes me to WP. I know the other options are there . Tweet, FB, G+, etc. …. The old way isn’t there anymore … at least on your spot. I know that WP is always changing things ….. let me try the phone!


  1. Raewyn, the gif made me feel I’d had too much caffeine (or else the bird had!) 🙂 But good for you for learning something new. I really need to get on the stick and learn more about simply using my Nikon as well as other things. Maybe this will be the nudge that gets me going.


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  2. Garry and I are great fans of the big white ducks with the floppy yellow feet. They remind me of the ducks in illustrations in children’s books. They always had those big yellow feet. Other breed have become more popular as domestic ducks, but these big white guys will always be my favorites. Besides, Donald was one of these guys!


  3. I think you have to use the HDR thing to get sets of identical frames to work with. That would keep it from being so jumpy. Interesting. I think I prefer still too. I don’t even like shooting video. I think “still” and I suspect I’m too old to change my ways 🙂 But good for you for trying to learn new stuff.


    1. Thanks for the tip. I was thinking of just pressing the shutter for a burst of photos together – that might do the trick. I am not really into videos – there are too many of questionable quality on YouTube anyway.


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