4 Generations, 4 Strong Women.

Four Generations, Four Strong Women-1

Good morning from a grey late spring day in Hastings.

For the past 24 hours bloggers have been honouring our fallen soldiers in all the various wars to defend our freedom.  But we must also honour the women and men left behind to keep our countries going, providing arms and food for our men at war.

So what does this image have to do with this? Well I painted this to show the four generations of my family.

To the left is my grandmother.  She had to survive World War 1.

 Then to the right of her is my mother  – she was born during the second World War.  She still remembers the difficulty the menfolk had when they returned all broken in body and spirit.

 The largest portrait is me.  I grew up against the background of the Vietnam War and all the protests and the hippy generation – all we wanted was peace.

 To the right is my daughter Ruth.  What legacy have we left for her generation.

I have called this 4 Generations, 4 Strong Women.

Remembrance Day 2015-1

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Anything Painted: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Venice in Colour

I have edited the photo just to soften the skin tones but it is all my own work.

Thanks for visiting.

26 thoughts on “4 Generations, 4 Strong Women.”

  1. What a great painting and a terrific tribute. Thank you! My grandmother immigrated to escape the Czar and his wars. My mother grew up in WWI, went through the second World War, Korea and Vietnam. I was born just after WWII, grew up in Vietnam … and there has not been a moment of peace since. Wars end, but there’s always a reason for another war. When, I wonder, will there be a reason for peace?

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    1. I know what you mean. All these senseless wars. And the fact that the women and men left behind to keep the home fires burning are always forgotten. I am a member of the Womens Centre here and we did an open day last ANZAC day to honour those women – knitting socks, baking as well as working in the munitions factories. They were vital too.


  2. The painting is just wonderful. I know we would all love to see more of your paintings. You have have shared things about yourself that really did/does need strength. I am sure you are a real pillar to your daughter. 🙂

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  3. That is such a great painting Raewyn and has so much meaning held within its layers. I thought it was a commissioned painted wall in a town depicting the town’s famous women. When I read your story I was amazed as I don’t think I knew you painted and were so good at it. I loved the tribute to the women as they each had their own war to deal with. They certainly held up the homefront while the men were away and then had to pick up the fractured men and try and hold them and their lives together on their return home. Sadly I do think we have left a dreadful legacy for your daughter and I hope peace comes in her lifetime.


      1. Thanks. My grandmother was a superb artist – she won a scholarship to the Elim School of Art in Auckland but was unable to take it up. So it is in my genes – so I was told.
        Now after what happened in Paris I do worry what is happening. It is such a beautiful city

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