Cee’s Fun Fotos: Kids With Toys

Children and Toys--2

Good morning from a glorious late spring day here in Hastings.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American blogging friends.  We are now into Thursday so I know that I am a day early for a lot of people but that is the fun of blogging around the world.


I do have a lot of photos of my children with their toys but they sit in a box and it is too early in the morning to go through my shoe boxes.  I think these are the last ones I had taken of them before they started getting wary of my camera poking in their faces.

Above is my son Martin with his Christmas present and trying to work out how to build something.  He only needed to look at the pictures and  he could build something.  He also loved building with Lego and would build and rebuild the trains or planes without any pictures or instructions.

I did try to get rid of my daughter’s foot but it is too early in the morning for me.

Children and Toys-

Then of course there are their bikes.

It is sad for me to say goodbye to Marilyn’s challenge over at


Things are going to be hectic leading up to Christmas so it is time to slow down a little and thank you Marilyn for your wonderful posts and photos.



Kids or Pets with Toys: Cee’s fun foto Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Kids or Pets with Toys


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6 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Fotos: Kids With Toys”

  1. What fun and a treat to see your kids. 🙂
    The following is a quote from another blogger I follow who was writing about her son losing a tooth. lol
    “I wish he was not in such a hurry to grow up.”
    Don’t we all wish the same. 😦
    I’m glad you have so many photos in your shoe boxes. 🙂


  2. I think everyone is going to be slowing down a bit, at least for the next month or two. But we’ll all be back, after the holidays … or in our case, after vacation in January.

    I thought about bicycles too, but I didn’t have any kids with bike pictures, just adults. Good ones!!


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