Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red Blooms

Red Blooms

Good morning from a cool and wet day here in Hastings.  It is already New Year’s Eve.  Soon I will be going out to fight the crowds just to do my shopping. Such fun.

So Cee Neuner has asked us for our red blooms.  As everyone knows I have literally hundreds of rose images – a lot of them red.  So rather than bore everyone with yet more red roses I have gone for a couple of different blooms.

First up is this gorgeous amaryllis that I found at Napier Cemetery.

Red Blooms-2

And then there is this bottle brush.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red Flowers


Red Flowers: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

It has been an interesting year for me.  But I am going in the right direction and really appreciate all the support I received from all my blogging friends. So a big thank you to everyone out there. See you all in the New Year.

One Word Photo Challenge: Automatic Faucet in Pink


Good morning from another lovely Hastings day.

This is the last of Jennifer Nichole Wells  Part III People, Places and Things series.  Automatic faucets.  So I had a think about what to show.  Then I remembered these photos taken last September during the Blossom Parade.

Why the pink water? September is Daffodil Month.  Well it promotes cancer awareness.  And pink is the colour of Breast Cancer.  Thus every September the water in the fountain in the CBD is coloured pink.


I am fascinated by the water pouring down the drains.


It is somewhat disconcerting to see pink spouts of water.  That is why I have edited them with blurs.  To add to the surreal feel.


Finally the fountain in context with the clock tower.


Check out Jennifer’s blog and her new series which is fun as well as a challenge to find appropriate photos.

One Word Photo Challenge: Automatic