One Word Photo Challenge: Pataka – Maori Storehouse

Maori Fridge-

Good morning from another cloudy Hastings day.

 Jennifer Nichole Wells has some interesting words for this series of challenges.  This week it is appliances.  So it is time to be really creative.  I did a quick search of my archives and found no images of any appliances.  But then I found this Maori Storehouse from Rotorua – a Pataka

Pātaka (storehouses) were used to keep preserved food – fish, birds, kao (a kūmara preparation) – or seed safe from kiore (Pacific rats) in winter. Pātaka were entered through a trapdoor in the floor; the small opening at the front was a window.

Obviously prior to the European invasion of New Zealand there was no ice or any other way of keeping food cool or safe from predators.  So I would say that this is an early fridge.


One Word Photo Challenge: Appliance

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