Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rotorua Buildings


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 Cee Neuner has asked us for photos with buildings and trees.  They must be in the same photo.  So I found these photos from Rotorua.

First up is this museum with and interesting past.

The Bath House, which today houses Rotorua Museum of Art & History Te Whare Taonga o Te Arawa, was once a spa which offered therapeutic treatments. It is a monument to the New Zealand Government’s first major commitment to the tourist industry and is a readily recognised symbol of the city. The turn-of-the-century Government hoped to tempt wealthy northern hemisphere patrons to travel far from home to the “Great South Seas Spa”.

Water from nearby thermal springs was piped to private bathrooms and larger Aix-douche massage rooms. There were also a number of deep pools where chronic disorders were treated. The north wing accommodated male patients, while women were treated in the south wing.


The Bue Baths were first supplied with hot alkaline mineral water from nearby Oruawhata Cauldron and later from the “Chameleon Spring” after the water from the Oruawhata Spring ceased. This latter was attributed to the low level of Lake Rotorua . The Blue Bath facility had, in addition to the swimming pool, two other attractions – the “Electro-Galvanic Bath ” and the ” Sulphur Vapour Bath “. The wooden parts of the structure were demolished in 1932 but the concrete bath was retained, filled and used as a summer house for many years.

The complex closed as a swimming facility in 1982, the Minister of Tourism citing as causes the high cost of maintenance, falling patronage and the pending decision of the future control and management of the Government Gardens . Council (which assumed control of the Gardens in 1983 after years of negotiations with Central Government) considered various proposals over the ensuing years from private interests hoping to redevelop the complex for alternative recreation uses.

In a joint venture project with Blue Baths Ltd , a total renovation of the complex was finally completed late 1999, which has seen the reopening of one of the pools, the restoration of the tearooms and development of a courtyard.

Then there are the older buildings



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Buildings and Trees

Trees and Buildings: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge




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