Friday’s Florals: Canterbury Bells

Canterbury Bells-

Good morning from a hot, wet and muggy Hastings day.

My florals today is one that I have really seen.  I love them as they are so colourful.

Canterbury Bells

This month Leanne has Christmas themes for every week.  First up was bells.

MM 2-35: December Theme 1 Bells

So as these flowers are sometimes known as bell flowers I used this photo

 Canterbury Bells-2

Canturbury Bells-

A big difference.

Anyway some info about these flowers:

Campanula medium, common name Canterbury bells, also known as the bell flower, is an annual or biennial flowering plant of the genus Campanula, belonging to the family Campanulaceae. In floriography, it represents gratitude, or faith and constancy.

Canterbury Bells--2

The genus Latin name (“campanula”), meaning small bell, refers to the bell-shape of the flower, while the specific epithet (“medium”) means that this plant has intermediate characteristics in respect of other species of the same genus. In Persian, it is called گل استکانی (Gol-e Estekani) meaning “Glass flower”, which refers to its glass shape.

Now you know why I used these flowers this week.

In gardens, they are best in massed planting in borders or among shrubs. It prefers cool or warm zones; not suitable for the tropics or hot, dry regions. Seeds take 14-21 days to germinate. The plant thrives in lightly shaded to sunny locations in well-drained soil. Canterbury bells grows nicely in flower beds, borders, and containers. Keep well watered.

Friday's Florals

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Florals: Canterbury Bells”

  1. Those are just beautiful and I absolutely love what you did in turning it into a line drawing. It’s elegant! Great work. I don’t think I’ve seen those flowers before. Don’t know if they grow in this latitude, but I’m going to check and see.


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