One Photo Focus: December


For this challenge for December our lovely image comes from Julie at Julie Powell Photography. What was interesting this month was that there were a lot more fine art processing which was great to see.

My editing took quite some time as I really wanted to work on some new techniques.

This was edited in Photoshop where I added some edges with the poster filter.  Then it was over to Nik Silver Efex for my favourite vintage filter which softened the image and also focused on the flower.  Then I used layering to add the green and yellow colours – not very good but I like the affect.  Then I found another image with grass and wire grids for the background, added a few brushes and a border and viola – final image.

December One Photo Focus

There are so many great edits this month – it was a great photo to use. Here is the original.


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18 thoughts on “One Photo Focus: December”

  1. Beautiful, raewyn. I love the textures and color you’ve added. Also the yellow stamen (is that what it is called?) in the center of the petals looks like it has a face! 🙂


    1. I was wondering if anyone had picked up the little man in the centre. :D. I have taken up acrylic painting and it is helping me with my Photoshop work. In particular the layers. Well I am always painting new layers anyway. I was worried about how people would take my work so thank you for your support


  2. Apologies for taking so long to get around to commenting on last week’s 1PF, Raewyn. I just don’t know where the time goes …

    That being said, I got a huge chuckle out of your smiley face in the middle of the flower (you DID put that there, didn’t you?) 😀 I also like the textures you used. You say you’re not great at layering, but hey, you managed to do what you wanted to do. I still can’t figure out the layer/mask thing to save my life! Fun edit 🙂


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