Travel Theme: Mother Christmas

Selfie among the Christmas Tree

A Christmassy good morning from hot and humid summer’s day here in Hastings.

Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? has given us the challenge of posting our selfies.  I thought I would bite the bullet and show a selfie that I have been working on for a couple of days.  I took this photo using the YouCam MakeUp app on my phone.  It enhances your selfie – you can even put make up on etc.  It can alter the shape of your face, but not wobbly chins so I then superimposed my selfie onto another image taken last Friday so it looks a bit creepy I must admit – I seem to have a bauble as a beard.  But at least no wobbly chin.

I have changed my photo on Facebook and got called Mother Christmas – what do you think?

Travel theme: Self

12 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Mother Christmas”

  1. That is really neat! I like the MakeUp part. You have a great smile…..and that can’t be made-up no matter how hard you try. 🙂 I gave up wearing makeup twenty years ago when I retired. Of course I don’t ever leave the house. lol


    1. Thanks Esther – that app smooths out the wrinkles and gets rid of all the age spots. I have just had my tooth screwed in (implant) so now I happily smile to everyone – might look scary for some, but I am so happy to have a full mouth.

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    1. We are just really starting to embrace our outdoor lifestyle at Christmas. Growing up it was an English roast – all the trimmings, getting all steamed up over a hot stove in the middle of summer. Now most people have bbqs – or cold meat and salads and spend time at the beach.


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