Cee’s Fun Foto ChallengeL: Wood and Metal Waterwheel

Wood and Metal-6

Good morning from a hot Hastings day.

So I have chosen some water photos to cool us off here in the Southern Hemisphere.

For her challenge this week Cee Neuner has asked us for our photos of both wood and metal together in the same image.  So I found these images taken of this waterwheel over at Napier a few months ago.

First up is the front on view.

Wood and Metal-7

Closer up.

Wood and Metal-11

Side on.  The water is running through the steel trough.

Wood and Metal-9

Getting closer up to the axle of the wheel.

Wood and Metal-8

And then an abstract view of the bolts against the wood.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal and Wood

Wood and Metal, Tait Cottage: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


Jetty in the Blue



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