Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Frothy Impressions

Coffee Impressions

Good morning from another hot Hastings day.

I have always wanted to take these photos.  A couple of weeks ago, my Social Snappers group met up at a cafe for coffee before heading off.  So our cell phones came out and we took photos of the froth on top of our coffees.

Coffee Impressions-2

The waiter must have thought these women were crazy – going everywhere to take photos on their phones.  But they were good humoured about it.  Me, I was so happy to remember to take photos before I drank my coffee. I just added a HDR filter to make these images even more abstract.

I do think there are some really talented baristas out there and the way that they produce their little images.

Great photos for Sally’s challenge:

Thanks for visiting.

14 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Frothy Impressions”

  1. Raewyn, the macro gives the image an otherworldly appearance. Well done. It’s exactly how close ups reveal textures and tones as well as interpretations that are unnoticed by the naked eye. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. The thing I really like is seeing the texture and the little bubbles. When I was in California in July, I had a matcha latte and the swan design the barista put on the top was amazing!! Glad I don’t have to do any of that at the tea shop, though. 🙂



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