One Word Photo Challenge: Attic – a birds view

Birds Nest

Good morning from a cooler and cloudier day here in Hastings. Yesterday was very uncomfortable around the region.  Yet by 11 pm last night the wind and rain arrived and it was rather wild.  Strange weather.  Today the temperature should drop by about 10 degrees celsius from yesterday.

Anyway this week Jennifer Nichole Wells has asked us for our attic photos.  Well, here in New Zealand, we don’t really have attics as we usually have single story houses.  So here is a bird’s nest instead.  One could think of it as a home in the attics in the trees.


One Word Photo Challenge: Attic

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9 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Attic – a birds view”

  1. Great way to post an attic photo.I see you have had a bit of the heatwave passing over from Australia in past week or so. Lucky you don’t have problems with fires as we do here. Merry Christmas to you Raewyn


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