WPC: The Here and Now


Good morning from a cooler but humid Boxing Day here in New Zealand.

Sorry I am a bit later than usual but my computer decided that it needed to do a  huge update – took forever and now there is no Windows Explorer that I could find, or any of my other so-called apps.  Especially Adobe Bridge or Illustrator.  I think with those apps I would need to place them on the desktop where I can see them.

This week Jen H. from The Daily Post as asked us for our now photos.  Photography is all about the here and now.  Capturing that magic moment in time.  Sure we can do a lot of post processing but the essence of that moment is there.  When I go back over photos I am instantly reminded of that moment in time – about where I was, why I was there and the emotions I felt when I took that image.

My photos are of a stray cat who has adopted my parents, as well as their cat Socks which I took yesterday.  So these photos will remind me of this Christmas and being with family.


I adore cats anyway.


So whenever I go to visit Mum and Dad they expect me to have my camera with me.


They also want these now moments captured too.

Thanks for visiting.