One Word Photo Challenge: Automatic Faucet in Pink


Good morning from another lovely Hastings day.

This is the last of Jennifer Nichole Wells  Part III People, Places and Things series.  Automatic faucets.  So I had a think about what to show.  Then I remembered these photos taken last September during the Blossom Parade.

Why the pink water? September is Daffodil Month.  Well it promotes cancer awareness.  And pink is the colour of Breast Cancer.  Thus every September the water in the fountain in the CBD is coloured pink.


I am fascinated by the water pouring down the drains.


It is somewhat disconcerting to see pink spouts of water.  That is why I have edited them with blurs.  To add to the surreal feel.


Finally the fountain in context with the clock tower.


Check out Jennifer’s blog and her new series which is fun as well as a challenge to find appropriate photos.

One Word Photo Challenge: Automatic

21 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Automatic Faucet in Pink”

  1. I’m not a big fan of the pink water spouts. Nothing to do with your photography but they are a bit disconcerting, as you say. I do love the pink water spout, though!


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