Travel Theme: Glossy Still Life

Glossy Jar in Still Life-

Good morning from humid and drizzly day here in Hastings.  The forecasted thunderstorms didn’t come, but the heavy rains did.  I have read that Great Britain has had a massive storm hit them, Sydney in Australia had another massive storm, as well as here in the North Island here.  So I hope everyone is safe and dry and warm as the case may be.

Anyway, another short post today – off to the markets again.  Hopefully the rain means people are coming down to the market for something to do.  It is only a few weeks now from the Art Deco Weekend so I am focusing on my Art Deco jewelry and clothing.  I need the money – for new tyres for the car.

Onto ailsapm‘s Travel Theme challenge this week for her blog

Where’s my backpack? which is Gloss.

So a quick search came up with this fabulous glossy bottle in this still life. This was taken last year at my Social Snapper’s Christmas morning.  Before we did some eating I found this lovely blue bottle with hydrangeas so we did some still life photography.

Glossy Jar-

I love the shine on it.

Travel theme: Gloss

Sorry I have to go- everyone have a great day/night etc.

Take care

WPC: A Bouquet of Vibrant Blooms

Vibrant Yellow-

Good morning from a rather gloomy Saturday for me.  So it is rather apt that Jen H. over at The Daily Post has asked us to post our vibrant colours to cheer us up. So first up is the bright and cheerful dahlia.

Vibrant Pink-

Vibrant Pink.

Vibrant Orange-

Vibrant orange.

Vibrant Blue-

Vibrant Blue.

Vibrant Green-

Vibrant Green.

Vibrant Purple-

Vibrant purple.

Vibrant Red-

And of course this vibrant red rose.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

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Cee’s Black & White Photos: Lines and Angles

Lines and Angles-

Good morning from a very soggy Hastings day.  The heavy rain is still going – I don’t mind the rain in summer.  It seems to rinse the world clean.

I have gone a little more abstract today for Cee Neuner‘s black & white challenge today.  True lines and angles are hard to find in nature so I have gone for these two wire fences.

Lines and Angles 1-

In the first image all the squares frame their own images, while in the second one the fence is the focus, along with the water droplets.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Lines and Angles

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